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Kitchen Remodeling

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Your kitchen is a crucial family space in any size home. With the aid of Lawson Construction you can remodel your kitchen into the area you and your family have always wanted.

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Bathroom Remodeling

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Transform your bathroom into the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. With the bathroom remodeling services of Lawson Construction we will make your vision a reality.

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Additions & Remodels

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Remodeling can be a very complicated process. Lawson Construction can ensure that your next room addition, remodel, or garage conversion is done safe, efficient and under budget.

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Request A Free Estimate

Simply tell us a bit about your project and we will get your quote started.

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Service Areas


Los Angeles, all of southern CA

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Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary In 2017


Lawson Construction is a general contractor based out of Los Angeles, all of southern CA. As experienced, professional home builders, we handle all phases of construction from small simple projects like installing a new sink or toilet, all the way up to building a custom home from scratch. We have a strong focus on customer care and communication. We work closely with you to bring the vision for your project to life in a manner that is both feasible and cost effective to your budget. Let us turn your home remodel, addition, or new custom home designs into to reality.


Why Choose Lawson Construction?


Choosing a general contractor or home builder in Los Angeles to complete your construction project can be a very difficult task. We bring over 20 years of construction experience to the table and strive to set a high standard in every task we complete. With our high priority on customer satisfaction, there is no doubt that we can help you craft your vision and make it into a reality.


Los Angeles General Contractor


Lawson Construction uses our vast expertise as a Los Angeles general contractor in the construction industry to put all of the necessary pieces of your project together. It is our goal to provide high customer satisfaction and to deliver a final product that meets and surpasses expectations. If you are considering quotes or bids from multiple home builders, let us offer you a free second opinion on any project you are considering.


Some Of Our Specialties


We have a wide range of home building and customization experience and expertise. You want a Los Angeles home builder you can trust. We want to show you why you can trust us. Get the home that you want from flooring to roofing and everything in between, Just some of our specialties include:


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What We Do

We are a Los Angeles based General Contractor with over 20 years of experience. Our focus is in customer care and bringing construction projects to life. We proudly service Los Angeles, all of southern CA

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Licensed & Insured

Lawson Construction is a licensed and insured general contractor. All of our employees work under strict safety guidelines and adhere to construction regulations. We offer competitive quotes on a variety of construction projects for residential and commercial customers.

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How To Reach Us

Los Angeles

License #733716

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